What Colors Can Liven Up The Kitchen This Season?

Gone are the days when the kitchen used to be a dull and lifeless portion of the house. While revamping our home, we think of color combinations to spruce up the living room, bedroom, and even the bathroom, so why should the kitchen be excluded? Check out some colors that you can use to liven up the cooking station of the house.

Lively Greens

Yellow-based greens exude a warm and sunny vibe as they can ramp up the available natural light. Imagine lots of crisp white trim, apple, and olive greens – refreshing isn’t it? They evoke nature and the environment and thus have positive associations, which is the reason for their popularity. If the ceilings are high, a couple of vibrant hues can warm up stainless-steel appliances and some white-painted areas can keep them from being too bright.

Soothing Vintage Blues and Greens

The words used to describe these colors are – soft and optimistic. These shades of blue and green can accentuate the visual appeal of a kitchen in a subtle way. They add pep to a compact workspace and blend well with wood countertops and floors. The hues are casual, comfortable, with an inherent versatility. They also go well with retro furnishings.

Warm Harvest Hues

Did you know that the three colors, which can create hearth-like warmth in a cooking space, can be found in the produce aisle? That’s right – the colors are borrowed from carrots, peas, and corn. They can absorb the chill off stainless steel in kitchens, and enhance the rich tones in ceiling beams or wood floors. You can choose a single hue if your kitchen is not too big whereas the combination of colors can be used for bigger spaces.

Elegant Shades of Blue

Rich, saturated shades of blue have a classic and timeless beauty. A lot of these blues are now being used in both kitchens and living rooms. You can layer dark and midtone indigos for an understated elegance. The buzzword you are going for is sophistication. A particular look you can opt for is blues on the walls whereas cabinets are unified by a blue-and-white tile mural. The shades stand out more if there are black countertops with the chairs and tables painted navy.