Tips to Store Paint Properly

Have paint you need to store, and not sure where or how you should store it?  There are a few paint storing techniques you need to know because you can’t just lock up cans of paint in any room and leave it till it is required again.

  • Storage areas, such as a well-insulated utility closet or garage, are a good choice as they are dry and protected from extreme temperatures.
  • If you store paints cans for a long time, they tend to rust or corrode, both on the inside and outside (especially latex- and acrylic-based paints). Place a bunch of newspapers under the cans as it protects them from moisture in case they are standing on absorbent finished surfaces. Dry, porous surfaces like unfinished wood shelves will prevent corrosion on the outside.
  • It is advisable not to store cans on cement surfaces.
  • The lid of the can should be sealed tight so that the paint is well-preserved. This is done to prevent oxidation (if in contact with air) and reduce evaporation. Keeping it free from air is vital because sometimes the even air inside the can causes the surface to form a layer of skin.
  • Buy clear plastic food wrap from a grocery store. This is used for packing leftovers and sealing lidless food containers and bowls. Cut off three squares of the material, so that it is enough to overlap the top of the can by 2 inches.
  •  Push down a sheet of plastic wrap along the insides of the can and stop when it touches the surface of the paint. Press along the edges of the can so that it forms a complete seal over the entire surface.
  • Over the rim of the paint can, place the remaining two squares of plastic wrap. This acts like an additional seal and moisture barrier, making it easier to remove and replace the lid.
  • Use a short section of two-by-four lumber in order to reduce distortion of the rim and lid when the can is closed. The tool distributes the force of a hammer equally across the lid. Don’t use excessive pressure while tamping it down with the hammer. Rotate the lumber often to slowly shut the lid without bending it or causing dents in it or the rim.

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