Which is Suitable for Your Home – A Sprayer or a Brush and Roll?

Sprayer vs. brush and roll – which of the two is most effective? This is one question which plagues homeowners whenever they consider redoing and revamping their house. The solution depends on how you wish to do the job and the amount you are willing to spend.

Sprayers can be grouped into two categories – airless and high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) units that atomize the paint. The latter is used for thinner materials like stains, lacquers and urethanes while the HVLP works better for stains or paints that have lower viscosity. The advantage of using sprayers is that a 5-foot tall fence with 8 linear feet can be completed in 5 minutes, which takes longer when you have to brush and roll. But then again there is the problem of over-spraying; especially on windy days when you are unable to control the paint from settling on unwanted areas.

When should you use a sprayer?

  • In case of ceilings and trim where the carpet is being replaced or if a single color is being used.
  • Do you have large interiors with very little furniture to mask? If so, you can spray the trim and ceiling. The walls can be done with a brush and roll if there are many colors.
  • Painting gutters with the trim need to be done with a sprayer.
  • Staining fences and decks and areas that have no brick and all siding can be sprayed.

When should you use a brush and roll?

  • If the wind is above 10mph, it is advisable to use a brush even though the wind will be blocked by one side of the house.
  • Over-spraying looks terrible and is noticeable, which is why spraying is a no-no when you are working on the roof.
  • Is there too much furniture to mask? Don’t even think about spraying! Use a brush and roll religiously in such cases.
  • If there is a single coat, a brush is the most effective. However it works when there’s a couple of coats as well since the masking can be done for both layers in one go.
  • Spraying is prohibited when there is a natural stained trim or an area that can’t be ventilated well.

Southwest Professional Painting can advise you in this regard. We have experts on board with years of experience under our belt, which can help you figure out which option works best. Don’t make the mistake of DIY and botching it up. Ask for help so that you can get a customized solution for your home.

For exterior painting Southwest uses both the spraying and brush & roll technique for a full coverage and longer lasting paint finish.