What You Should Know Before Hiring a Painting Company!

When you call a painting company or contractor to come out and give you a bid.  You may not be aware of what goes into an accurate price quote.  To help you determine whether you are getting a quote from a reputable quality painting company or if you are getting a fly by night painter that just wants your money for the cheapest job done,  here are some things to look for during the job walk with the painting contractor.

When looking for professional painting services he bidder should:

  1. take note of any issues such as drywall cracks or repairs that may need to be completed (they should have pen and paper in hand for note taking)
  2. ask you the square footage of the home if they haven’t already
  3. ask you what quality of product you would like to use and inform you of the different types of products and brands available, what they do and how long they last
  4. figure out how much product he will need to purchase, if they don’t measure it out by walking it they may use measuring devices
  5. get your contact information so that they may send you a written detailed quote or bid
  6. never give you a price on site unless they have taken the time to figure out on paper the products needed, along with labor costs, but they should also give a written detailed quote

If the above are missing from the initial walk through, and there is no written detailed quote……BEWARE!

There are many companies out there that send out a guy he looks at the house walks around it, no pen in hand, no paper, doesn’t questions the size of the house.  He’ll tell you that everything will be covered and painted they will fix the cracks as they point out a small crack that you were amazed he saw because you didn’t.  He will then say he can do it for X amount of money.  You think wow, that is a good deal.

But what he hasn’t told you is the important information such as the quality of paint he is going to use…..what is the warranty on that paint, how long will it really last.   What is their process during the project?  Do they brush and roll, spray, spray and back roll? Will they clean up after themselves, will they remove and replace wall outlets, fixtures and stones around the house for below grade painting.  Will my items and windows have splatter and drips on them or do they mask windows and non-paint items to protect.  Most of all will I be completely satisfied at the end of the project and receive NO SURPRISES when I see the quality of the job or the invoice.

Questions you should be asking any painting contractor before hiring:

  1. what products they will use, the warranty and how long it should last
  2. what is your process for applying the product
  3. what is the process they use to protect your items from over spray, and drips
  4. do they remove and replace outlet covers, switches etc
  5. for exterior painting do they power wash prior and remove all stones at the base of the house for below grade painting and replace upon completion
  6. do they guarantee their work (companies won’t guarantee that you will like the paint color, that is your job to make sure you like it prior to application) but they should guarantee their application of the job (the paint warranty lies with the paint brand company)

If is always good to get more than one quote, especially if you are weary that the first company didn’t explain, or offer the correct information on both product and process.   Best to be informed prior to receiving quotes for any contracted service.

~ Russell, Owner of Southwest Professional Painting LLC





Reasons to Paint Your Home’s Exterior this Spring

With spring finally here, it is time to take out your paint cans and ladders! Keep in mind that it is best to wait till temperatures reach a minimum of 50 degrees Fahrenheit so that the paint can adhere well to the surface. Colder temperatures are not conducive to let that happen.

  • Your home’s exterior paint experiences considerable wear and tear throughout the year caused by snow, ice, frost, rain, and high humidity. Any kind of moisture is harmful to the paint because it can lead to cracking, blistering, flaking, peeling, and growth of mildew. The sun can also cause the paint to fade over time. Temperature changes affect the paint as wood and many other surfaces contract and expand, thereby leading to cracks and flaking off.
  • A lot of repair might be needed but one doesn’t notice it till they start painting their home exterior. You will be surprised to discover many areas that require repair. For instance, exposed wood begins to rot over time and it usually doesn’t take long. You need to address such problems without delay.
  • Are you planning to move and sell the house eventually? You need to step up and revamp your home right away so that it looks good to prospective buyers. Your home’s exterior has to make a good first impression. Buyers often decide to look inside a home only if they like what they see on the outside. Flaking paint, bad quality job done on outside walls, missing trim etc. will shoo away buyers instantly! Increase the curb appeal of your home by choosing a suitable color. Neutral hues like gray, white, tan, blue, and brown look good on the exterior. Bold colors like red and blue can work too, provided they are used as accents. Painting your home is an investment, which guarantees a good return if you do it properly.
  • As mentioned before, exterior paint has an expiry date. The amount of time between the need for exterior paint jobs depends on the quality of paint used. However, it is best to repaint slightly before the expiry date approaches, so that you have fewer problems to deal with.

We, at Southwest Professional Painting pride ourselves on the quality of our services.