Tips to Enhance Space with Paints

The correct shade of paint can work wonders for a room. It can transform a dull and dreary room to a bright and vibrant one or lend a sophisticated feel to a space in a subtle way – the experimentation you can do with colors is simply endless. Moreover, you can also enlarge space by selecting the appropriate color. Here are some tips you could consider following –

  • The ceiling and walls should be painted with a single color. The room seems bigger as the eye is continuously traversing the space, thus making the boundaries and edges disappear. Walls look much taller than they are if you create a 6- to 12-inch-wide border of wall color on the entire ceiling perimeter.
  • White or light colors will raise the ceiling. If you wish to choose darker colors, there needs to be a high-gloss paint sheen that reflects light in order to have the space-enhancing effect. Different colors lead to compartmentalization and make the size of the room more obvious.
  • Alternatively, you could also paint the trim and walls the same color if you don’t have catchy moldings or trim, thereby blending them into the wall by giving a seamless appearance. A monochromatic outlook will increase the length and width of a room. Use a contrasting color with the wall in case you have decorative millwork or crown molding so that these features become more distinctive.
  • Pastels, cream, white or cool shades (with a bluish or greenish tinge) on the walls reflect light. This gives the illusion of more space.
  • Use horizontal and vertical stripes of alternating shades – the former forces your gaze around the perimeter, thus increasing the breadth by making the walls seem further than they actually are, while the vertical stripes will attract your attention upwards. For low-contrast stripes use similar light colors.
  • Creating a focal wall might help to a certain extent. It involves coloring one wall a deeper shade or different than the others. A darker hue on one wall can cause it to recede and make the room look bigger.
  • Adding one object in black to a room, such as a frame or lamp might work in some cases as it clarifies the other colors and grounds the space.

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