Painting Services

Residential, Commercial & HOA Painting Services:

  • Offering high quality professional painting services to all our customers.
  • Before any job quote or bid is given, we do a thorough walk through of the job site.
  • If any area needs fixing, whether it be drywall cracks, or decay of materials, we will discuss all options available with you, prior to finalizing our bid.
  • If we are unable to do the repairs ourselves, we may refer you to construction contractors who specialize in various types of repairs.
  • We always give a detailed written quote or bid so there is no miscommunication during the initial walk through, and no surprises in the end.
  • All bids require a written approval before any job materials are purchased.

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When requesting a Quote from a professional painting service:

You should always receive a bid in writing, ask questions and make sure you fully understand what it is you are getting in return for your money. Many small time companies will come out, take a quick look and tell you a price right away.  These are not professional painting services!   Find out how you can get an accurate quote from a professional painting service.   Read more……