Dos and Don’ts – Post Painting Care for Interiors

Painting the interiors well isn’t the end of your job when it comes to ensuring that your home looks perfect. As is with everything, the interiors require proper maintenance and care so that the effect is preserved. Your walls should look as good as new for a long time.


  • Most wall paints (like emulsions and washable distempers) can be cleaned at regular intervals with a mild soap and water solution. Keep one day aside for cleaning the walls. Use a sponge to lightly scrub the areas that have stains.
  • To remove dust from walls, always ensure that the cleaning is done at least a couple of weeks after the application of finished coat.
  • Excessive soiling occurs mostly in the passages, children’s rooms, and kitchens, which is why they require special care.
  • Enamel paint on doors and windows lose their gloss as time passes due to being exposed to sunlight. It is advisable to apply a single coat every 2 years so that they look fresh. A light sanding should be done with emery paper 400 to make the surface conducive for fresh paint adhesion and dirt removal.
  • Has someone spilled food on the wall? Severe stains such as these need to be cleaned up immediately before it dries up.
  • As mentioned before, since children’s room get dirty quicker than other areas, you should paint a single coat every 2 years. A light sanding is required in this case with emery paper 400.


  • Don’t scrub the walls too much as heavy scrubbing can cause permanent damage to the paint film.
  • Don’t leave stains on walls because stubborn and very old stains can be very tough to remove from the film.
  • Don’t allow problems like water leakage or seepage to harm the walls. Check them regularly to ensure they are not flaking or peeling. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, call someone right away to get it checked out. The source of the problem should be tackled and resolved before it spreads further. Repaint the walls if necessary, but don’t ignore issues such as these.
  • Don’t place your furniture against the wall just after the paint is dry. Wait for another 24 hours to do so.