Points to Remember while Selecting Paint Colors

Needless to say, choosing the “right” color for your home or office is extremely important. But it’s not always easy to just pick the best paint color especially when there are so many options available!

So what can we do to ensure that our choice is the right one?

  • Since the color sets the mood for a room, you need to consider that as one of the very first parameters. For example, do you want the room to have a vibrant feel with some bright colors or are you going for a more subtle and soothing look with neutral shades? An office, a living room or a bedroom will have different moods.
  • Next we come to the color combinations that work well. Red and black lend a lot of appeal to a living or dining room, while grays and blues are a good pair as well. Nowadays we see a lot of blue, white, yellow, and green being used in kitchens. When it comes to the bedroom, it is advisable to choose pastel shades. Be careful when you look at bright or dark shades as the former might cause irritability after a while and the latter tends to dim the mood.
  • Lighting plays an important role in the decision-making process. Paint samples need to be tested under natural, fluorescent, and incandescent lighting. Ideally, you should choose three shades of the color you want, test them under the lighting, and then make up your mind.
  • There is different terminology for describing colors – hue is the color itself, saturation measures the domination of the hue, value is for understanding how light or dark the hue is, whereas intensity is used to determine the brilliance of the color. All four terms factor into the final decision.
  • One of the biggest challenges is to establish if a single color scheme should be used or a mix ‘n’ match is needed. You can stick to one color group by using closely related shades or try a single color in different finishes. Accent colors can also be used, but ensure that they complement the base color group.

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