Tips and Tricks to Paint Woodwork

Revamping furniture can lend an entirely new appeal to it – for example, you can touch up an old piece of wood furniture to give it a vintage look or you can buy an inexpensive piece of furniture and paint it. This way you add color and style to your home and save money too.

Here are a few painting tips:

  • You should work in well-ventilated area such as porches, covered decks, or basements with open windows etc. so that the fumes don’t affect you. There should also be no fume-producing object in the vicinity. Use a dust mask, gloves, and goggles to protect yourself.
  • Put an old sheet, a drop cloth or newspapers on the floor. All hardware from the furniture must be removed such as drawer pulls or hinges.
  • Use liquid sander or fine sandpaper to sand the furniture. Keep on sanding till it is smooth.
  • Check to see if any residual sawdust remains and use a hand vacuum to remove the particles. Otherwise, use a brush or barely damp rag to clean the wood.
  • Apply the primer and keep in mind that it should be either white brush-on or gray spray-on water-based paint. The size of the furniture will decide what type of paint you should buy.
  • Let the primer dry for a few hours. The time duration varies for different types, so read the label on the primer you are using to be sure. On a day with high humidity, it might take longer to dry.
  • After the first coat of primer is dry, check to see if another coat is required. If yes, apply the second coat and let it dry again.
  • No rough areas should remain; if there are any make sure you sand them till they are even.
  • Use water-based paint and begin with one coat, brushing it on with even strokes. Always paint in the direction of the wood grain. Spray painting needs to be done with extreme caution – go slowly while holding the can about 8-12 inches away from the surface.
  • As in the case of primer, the first coat of paint needs to thoroughly dry before you can apply another coat. When the painting is done, let it dry overnight.

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