How-to-guide for Painting Stripes on the Wall

Stripes always look elegant and classy, which can change the overall look of any particular area in the house. However, you need to do it in the proper way.


Use painter’s tape around the edges of the ceiling, windows, doors, floor trim, and on woodwork or trim that is not being painted. Prep the walls by wiping them with a cloth or sponge dampened with water and a little mild dishwashing liquid. This will remove the dust, dirt, grime, or any other residue. Rinse with clean water to get rid of soap remains.


The size and direction of stripes is important. Vertical stripes tend to elongate the room and make the ceilings seem higher than they are. Horizontal ones can work well in lofty spaces, but more than three can make it look too busy. Measure and calculate the total area of the walls being painted to determine how many stripes for which there will be room. Draw a blueprint of the dimensions and map out the stripes on paper. This way you can change the size of stripes to fit the dimensions and ensure that all stripes are of the same size.


With a measuring tape, a level, and a pencil, mark the top and bottom boundaries of each stripe. Make a light pencil mark between them along a straight level after that. Be very careful here as any errors will show up right away.

Taping and Cutting In

Place the painter’s tape along the pencil line, outside the surface to be painted. Press down firmly so that the sides of the tape are flush with the wall or else the lines will be jagged and uneven. Position a sharp straight edge on top of the tap so that the edges of both the straight edge and tape line up. Using an angled brush, paint lines against the boundary of the straight edge so that the margin is clean.


It is advisable to use a brush if stripes are thin or a roller if they are thick. Apply color between taped-off areas in a “W” motion. Roll on a W pattern, and then fill it in without lifting the roller. Repeat till the entire section is done. Apply the second coat only if needed. Peel off the tap after the stripes have just about dried for several hours.

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