Ideas to Paint Perimeter Walls

Although we tend to pay more attention to the interiors of our home, it is important not to neglect the perimeter walls. They go a long way to accentuate the appearance of your home from the outside. It is advisable to paint these walls every couple of years to keep them in good condition.

Vacation memories

Why don’t you incorporate something you have seen during your travels? Use something that is unique and creative. For example, if you have been at a tropical getaway, use color combinations like turquoise, peach, sunny yellow, coral, and lavender that are both vibrant and striking. They emit a fun and adventurous vibe.

Landscape color

The landscaping around your house will enhance the appearance of the perimeter walls. Curb appeal is important, so coordinate the bright flowers with a subtler hue for your home. You can try the reverse approach as well. If you have gorgeous vistas and plenty of beautiful foliage, decide how you can play up the red brick or hunter green siding.

Color of the exterior

Did you know that the material used for your home exterior can help you to select the color? Brick, siding, stucco/plaster and concrete – these have qualities that are unique for each type of material. For instance, brick comes in as light as whitish yellow all the way to the darkest of charcoal gray. Look at the color options based on the finish you opt for.

Architectural details

While selecting the shade of your choice, the field color might be the first thing that pops into the mind. But the trivial aspects of your home can be vital while choosing. Do you want a high-contrast to the trim and accent colors? Or would it be better if you go for a unified color throughout? You can paint the window and door trim, roof and eave colors, gutter and downspouts. Nowadays, a lot of copper is being used because it has a stunning patina.

Use history

Your home might have a fascinating history, which is now your responsibility to preserve and adhere to. Select colors that go well with the historical character of your home. Research some exterior colors that can work with your home or look at some historical color palettes to make up your mind.

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