Painting Idea’s for Kid’s Rooms

A child’s bedroom is always special to them, regardless of their age. Infants might not be able to distinguish colors but they are definitely attracted to them. Contrasting colors catch their attention so you can make use of the ceiling, as well as the upper part of walls – places infants will see from their cribs.

Here are some ideas for decorating your child’s room:

  • Red and green are essentially complementary colors because they make a significant impact in the overall effect of the room. They also bring out the best in each other and reveal the other’s true hue. Green walls can be combined with fabrics in red, green, or yellow for an elegant look. A high yellow ceiling light makes the room feel warm and friendly. Add handmade striped ottomans for extra seating.
  • You can choose a cottage theme in the room and have white furniture and walls. These can be accented with soft red and green accessories. Keep a poster bed in the room for sure. Long curtains and flowers on the dresser lend a sweet appeal.
  • Pairing lavender with cream, along with draped window treatments and draped fabric emanating from a crown-like shape over the headboard make a great combination. For finishing touches put flowers on the dresser, add butterfly wall details, and use iron scrollwork on the wall.
  • For rooms where babies will sleep, softer colors work best. Use light shades of green, blue, pink, and so on. These don’t have to be pastel shades but they should keep the tone of a room pleasant and soothing.
  • Choosing a color for pre-teens is tough but orange can easily solve the dilemma. This is a good choice for older kids who haven’t stepped into their teens yet. The best part is that this vibrant shade works for both genders. You can incorporate a touch of black and grey décor or use blue accenting so that the orange doesn’t become too bold.
  • Another shade that works equally well for boys and girls is yellow. This color has numerous hues, which allow you to experiment quite a bit. You can go for soft rooms or bolder ones as per your child’s choice and personality. Bold colors can be toned down with some blue or other neutral colors.

Confused about decorating your child’s room? Get in touch with us at Southwest Professional Painting – we will help you to choose the best color combination for your kid’s bedroom.