Painting Ceilings – Get it Right!

Painting might be the simplest DIY method to give your home an upgrade, but the ceiling is a whole other story. It is daunting and takes time as it involves a bit of elevation and contortion.

  • Remove as much furniture from the room as you can before you start so that it is easier for you to make your way around the space where you work. The ones that can’t be removed should be covered with drop cloths, as it will protect them and the floors from mishaps and paint splatters.
  • Painter’s tape should be used where the walls meet the ceiling and around any moldings that decorate the ceiling’s edges.
  • A coat of primer is necessary because it acts like a stain barrier. Moreover, the primer ensures that in most cases, you need to use only one coat of paint to finish.
  • With the help of a stepladder, paint a 2-3″ cut-line along the edge of the ceiling. Begin at a corner, and use a 2” trim brush to paint around 3 feet along one wall, then the adjacent one. Use the roller and start painting the ceiling while the cut-line is still wet. The same rule applies for paint applied from section to section with the roller.
  • Fill the deep portion of a roller tray with paint, and roll the apparatus over the paint till the nap is covered. This is the correct way to use a roller. Don’t submerge it; slide it gently over the paint in a back and forth motion in the shallow part of the tray until the nap is completely covered and paint drips are minimal.
  • Take the extension pole and attach it to the roller. Use the paint-filled roller and go for a zigzag pattern measuring 3-4″ square. To even out the paint, work over the same area using straight, controlled strokes. Don’t leave paint lines from the edge of the roller. Keep in mind that you have to work while the paint is still wet, so tackle small sections. To reduce distinct, visible lines between sections, ensure that you feather the edges.

You might need to repeat the process from cut-lines to painting after the coat is dry. That depends on the paint and coverage though. Southwest Professional Painting is proud to have qualified experts on board who can help you with your painting projects. Call today, 602-490-0979