Reasons to Paint Your Home’s Exterior this Spring

With spring finally here, it is time to take out your paint cans and ladders! Keep in mind that it is best to wait till temperatures reach a minimum of 50 degrees Fahrenheit so that the paint can adhere well to the surface. Colder temperatures are not conducive to let that happen.

  • Your home’s exterior paint experiences considerable wear and tear throughout the year caused by snow, ice, frost, rain, and high humidity. Any kind of moisture is harmful to the paint because it can lead to cracking, blistering, flaking, peeling, and growth of mildew. The sun can also cause the paint to fade over time. Temperature changes affect the paint as wood and many other surfaces contract and expand, thereby leading to cracks and flaking off.
  • A lot of repair might be needed but one doesn’t notice it till they start painting their home exterior. You will be surprised to discover many areas that require repair. For instance, exposed wood begins to rot over time and it usually doesn’t take long. You need to address such problems without delay.
  • Are you planning to move and sell the house eventually? You need to step up and revamp your home right away so that it looks good to prospective buyers. Your home’s exterior has to make a good first impression. Buyers often decide to look inside a home only if they like what they see on the outside. Flaking paint, bad quality job done on outside walls, missing trim etc. will shoo away buyers instantly! Increase the curb appeal of your home by choosing a suitable color. Neutral hues like gray, white, tan, blue, and brown look good on the exterior. Bold colors like red and blue can work too, provided they are used as accents. Painting your home is an investment, which guarantees a good return if you do it properly.
  • As mentioned before, exterior paint has an expiry date. The amount of time between the need for exterior paint jobs depends on the quality of paint used. However, it is best to repaint slightly before the expiry date approaches, so that you have fewer problems to deal with.

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