Tips to Mask a Wall before Painting

Masking walls before painting interiors has become a job which one dreads. However, it doesn’t have to be that way – if you follow a few simple tips, you will be surprised to discover that it can be quick and easy.

 Choosing the tape

Before the job, you need to make sure that you buy the best painter’s tape. The formerly 3M Scotch Safe Release Painter’s Tape, now known as “blue” tape, is a good choice as it is available in numerous widths. The tape can stick to the surface till 14 days without causing damage and it is easy to remove. Frog Tape is a new painter’s tape being used these days. The name comes from its green color and when the edges come in contact with latex paint, they seal so your paint does not leak or bleed. Carefully read the instructions on the painter’s tape as they clearly mention surfaces where the tape can’t be used for masking such as lacquer, delicate or faux finishes. Also, you shouldn’t apply painter’s tape on paint that is less than a month old, because it will peel off along with the tape.

How to mask walls

The surface should be clean and completely dry. Remove dirt, dust, oil, or any other residue, because they won’t let the tape stick to the wall and instead cause runs and seepage.

  • Always test if the tape is adhering properly. If you notice that it isn’t, you might need to choose another one.
  • While masking the wall, keep in mind that the wall should be properly prepared for the new paint. Sand and smooth the wall before painting because painter’s tape doesn’t stick to surfaces that are not smooth and even. Check to see if the tape is smooth – if not, then the wall is not prepared for painting.
  • When applying the tape to the wall, don’t stretch it or try to pull it too thin (saving the tape is not an option here). The correct way to do it is to pull the tape from the roll and smoothing it to the wall without stretching. This will ensure proper adhesion. If necessary, use a small squeegee, putty knife or J-roller to smooth the tape further.

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