How to Avoid Paint Peeling

Paint peeling is an extremely common phenomenon on walls and ceilings. It might occur due to humidity or water leaks or if the surface has been painted over and the newer coat separates from the older one. It doesn’t matter how much effort we put into maintenance, this problem is bound to crop up sometime or an other, which is why you should be prepared to repair the damage, because peeling contributes largely to the growth of bacteria and mildew.

  • First and foremost, you need to remove the chipped spots with a paint scraper or putty knife. All peeling/flaking areas need to be worked upon till firmly adhered paint remains. Don’t forget to keep a bin nearby and line the floor with a cloth to catch paint chips and flakes.
  • After the chipped spots are done, you will notice various uneven surfaces since some areas have a coat or more of paint than others. Make use of a quick-setting patching compound to even out the surfaces so that it creates a smooth area for repainting. Use a broad knife to apply it in a thin, even layer. The second coat should be applied only if needed. Lastly, use a coat of all-purpose drywall compound and let it dry overnight.
  • Sand the patched areas (after they are dry), to make sure there are no uneven edges or ridges. Walls can be done manually with sandpaper, but you should use a shop vacuum equipped with a sanding attachment and dust collection bag. This way there is no mess afterwards.
  • Peeling often occurs due to the lack of proper priming. To ensure that it doesn’t happen in the long run, use an oil-based primer before painting (with stain-blocking properties). Even if there is humidity and moisture, the primer will not allow water marks to set and prevent the patching compound from getting wet. This is an important step, so don’t skip it. Mildew growth is also hindered if you prime well.
  • Repainting is the final stage after the primer dries, so make sure you choose good quality paint to prevent peeling in the future.

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