How to Apply Primer Properly

People often mistake the importance of applying primer before painting as they think it takes up too much time and is not really needed. However, it is vital since primer ensures a better finish for the top coat and makes it last longer than usual. How does it work? Simple – The primer makes it easy for the true color of the paint used for the top coat to come through. It has to be done using the correct technique.

Ensure the wall is ready

The wall has to be totally clean before the primer can be applied because any leftover residue will not let the primer coat well. Can you imagine a freshly painted surface showing protruding nails, screws or debris on the wall? Remove all furniture if possible or cover it up with cloth. Use appropriate tools to pound in nails or screws. Wipe the surfaces with soapy water and clear residue with a wet towel (lint-free). A layer of spackle over the nail or screw holes along with an adhesive tape for the seams should be used. Don’t forget to sand the spackle to make it flush with the wall. The areas you don’t want to paint should be protected with painters tape.

Selecting which primer to use

Consider how the paint job will look after it is finished. Your options are oil or latex primer. The latter has a lot of advantages such as – ease of application, flexibility, and resistance to peeling and cracking. Soap and water can be used to clean latex primer. If you are painting on milled lumber, it is best to use oil-based primer, as it can seep into wood easily and prevent tannin (from the wood) from rising to the surface.

Applying primer on surfaces

Primer needs to be stirred from the bottom of its can so that the sediment doesn’t cause issues. On a paint tray, pour some of the primer and apply it around the wall with a good quality paintbrush. The painters tape can mark the boundaries better. Apply the primer to the edges and switch to a paint roller. Wipe away the extra primer and start covering the remaining portion of the wall. Don’t forget to overlap what you just did using the brush.

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