Checking Out Your Contractor

All contractors are supposed to have a license before they can legally carry out any trade work what so ever! These licenses basically state that they are able bodied to do such jobs and have passed all the necessary requirements and tests that they need to get the status of a licensed contractor. The ROC or Register of Contractors is the governing body for contractors licenses. Their exams and criteria for being a licensed contractor is thorough.

If a contractor carries out work they are not licensed for and the work is less than satisfactory, then you have spent money for a job that needs to be redone or repaired. Money that again will have to come out of your pocket. With a licensed contractor, should something go wrong, the ROC is your go to organization to get solutions. The ROC is there to protect the consumer against unscrupulous companies. The ROC can’t protect you against contractors that are not licensed.

There are two different types of licensing that a company has to obtain. The state license states that the company can do business within that state, and the ROC license. If a company is licensed with the ROC they need to have the ROC # visible on their trucks and in their advertising and business cards. You can always check the ROC # through the Register of Contractors website at On the website you can see if the license is current, what type of license they hold, and if there have been any complaints against the company along with the owner information. Always a good idea to check out who you are planning to hire to do your home projects.

Licenses are important and it is up to you to make sure that your contractor has a full and valid license!